Selected Publications Prof. Dr. R. Martini

Original papers:

Fischer S, Weishaupt A, Troppmair J, Martini R (2008)
Increase of MCP-1 (CCL2) in myelin mutant Schwann cells is mediated by MEK-ERK signaling pathway.
Glia 56:836-843.

Kroner A, Ip CW, Thalhammer J, Nave KA, Martini R (2010)
Ectopic T-cell specificity and absence of perforin and granzyme B alleviate neural damage in oligodendrocyte mutant mice.
Am J Pathol, 176, 549-555.

Kohl B, Fischer S, Groh J, Wessig C, Martini R (2010)
MCP-1/CCL2 modifies axon properties in a PMP22-overexpressing mouse model for Charcot-Marie-Tooth 1A neuropathy.
Am J Pathol, 176, 1390-1399.

Groh J, Heinl, K, Kohl B, Wessig C, Greeske J, Fischer S, Martini R (2010)
Attenuation of MCP-1/CCL2 expression ameliorates neuropathy in a mouse model for Charcot-Marie-Tooth 1X.
Hum Mol Genet 19, 3530-3543.

Moldovan M, Alvarez S, Pinchenko V, Klein D, Nielsen FC, Wood, JN, Martini R*, Krarup C* (2011)
NaV1.8 channelopathy in mutants deficient for myelin protein zero is detrimental for motor axons.
Brain 134, 585-601

Groh J, Weis J, Zieger H, Stanley ER, Heuer H, Martini R (2012)
Colony-stimulating factor-1 mediates macrophage-related neural damage in a model for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1X.
Brain 135, 88-104.

Ip CW, Kroner A, Groh J, Huber M, Klein D, Spahn I, Diem R, Williams SK, Nave KA, Edgar JM, Martini R (2012)
Neuroinflammation by cytotoxic T-lymphocytes impairs retrograde axonal transport in an oligodendrocyte mutant mouse.
PLoS ONE 2012;7(8):e42554.

Groh J, Kuhl TG, Ip CW, Nelvagal HR, Sri S, Duckett S, Mirza M, Langmann T, Cooper JD, Martini R (2013)
Immune cells perturb axons and impair neuronal survival in a mouse model of infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis.
Brain 136:1083-1101.

Klein D, Groh J, Wettmarshausen J, Martini R (2014)
Nonuniform molecular features of myelinating Schwann cells in models for CMT1: Distinct disease patterns are associated with NCAM and c-Jun upregulation.
Glia 62:736-750.

Estrada V, Brazda N, Schmitz C, Heller S, Blazyca H, Martini R, Muller HW (2014)
Long-lasting significant functional improvement in chronic severe spinal cord injury following scar resection and polyethylene glycol implantation.
Neurobiology of disease 67C:165-179.

Groh J, Stadler D, Buttmann M, Martini R (2014)
Non-invasive assessment of retinal alterations in mouse models of infantile and juvenile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis by spectral domain optical coherence tomography.
Acta Neuropathologica Communications 2, 54.


Martini, R., Toyka, K.V
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Martini, R., Fischer, S., Lopez-Vales, R., David, S.
Interactions between Schwann cells and macrophages in injury and inherited demyelinating disease.
Glia 56,1566-1577, 2008.

Martini R, Klein D, Groh J (2013)
Similarities between Inherited Demyelinating Neuropathies and Wallerian Degeneration: An Old Repair Program May Cause Myelin and Axon Perturbation under Nonlesion Conditions.
Am J Pathol 183:655-660.

Book Chapters

Martini R, Groh J, Bartsch U (2010)
Comparative Biology of Schwann cells and Oligodendrocytes. in: P. J. Armati and E. K. Mathey, The Biology of the Oligodendrocyte,
Cambridge University Press. p 19–48.

Martini R, Patzko A (2012)
Schwann cells and myelin. in: H. Kettenmann, B. Ransom, Neuroglia,
3. Edition. p 74-85.